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As a grassroot public relations company, our projects encompass community, social reform and youth. We are working on beautifying and activating our community garden and several youth, art and cultural projects in the space

FDB Community Garden

The FDB Community Garden is made up of 13 community members from the Bradhurst District in Central Harlem. We have been working since 2015 on beautifying and creating a shared community ornamental garden space. We have provided employment to local residents as well as worked with local businesses and organizations to create activities and economical opportunities. Our goal is to restore the beauty of the Bradhurst District as well as conduct programming within the space by providing artistic and cultural ethnic experiences. The number of people we have served to date has been at least 300 with age groups ranging from toddlers, age three (3) to senior citizens, age sixty-five(65) and older. One of our biggest accomplishment was obtaining a $119,000 capital improvement grant from Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer's office and completing the construction in September 2021. Most recently, we had two major events: our Pop-Up Paint Party and our 1st Halloween Event - both children/youth focused. We employed two local artists over a five day period to engage with the community. One artist painted the mural of Frederick Douglass on our shed (thanks to the Citizen's Committee grant) and worked with local resident volunteers. It drew attention from the community with people taking pictures before and after the mural was done. The mural added a sense of culture and a pleasing aesthetic to the eye. The other artist worked with the children on the day of our Pop Up Paint Party to design our garden benches (thanks to Partnership for Parks grant).This added a playful and colorful aspect to the garden giving it a life of its own. As the garden grows we are working on our annual calendars to include other community programming Through these local projects, rooted in employment, arts, crafts, and culture, the district will work towards enhancing and educating the community for the better.

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Pop Up Paint Party Artists

Graffiti Against Gun Violence

Graffiti Against Gun Violence, is a competition that embraces graffiti and street art and its ability toward reducing/eliminating gun violence. It ignites open discussions around the stories that art represents and how that can translate into action. This artist pilot competition aims at minimizing and reducing gun violence in Harlem and the Bronx as well as providing preventative measures to avoid incarceration and transition young people into responsible and productive adults. Its objective is to bring together graphic artists that will participate in an on-site graffiti competition. The competition will focus on creating graffiti tags, murals, and contemporary artwork that depict innovative imaginary that will display alternatives to violent lifestyles through art. Imagines will be colorful, playful, emotional, realistic, and most of all, have a human component to convey messaging. Drawings will reflect real life, in-Realtime scenarios and spark discussions with attendees and participants on hyperlocal resolutions for implementation along with next steps.

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Youth & Community Events

We are working on an annual calendar of events encompassing children and youth events. Our Pop Up Paint Party Series, is an event we host in the summer. 2022 We painted and created colorful benches with the children. October we held our first Halloween Party and summer of 2023 we are looking to host A Children's Paint and Sip.

Pop Up Paint Party Summer 2022
FBD Halloween Party October 2022
Pop Up Paint Party Benches
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New Future Foundation, Inc

New Future Foundation, Inc (NFF) is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural not-for-profit organization with Non-Government Status (NGO) at the United Nations with the Department of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the United Nations Department of Global Communications. NFF was founded in 1969 by Queen Mother Dr. Blakely and has been working for over 50 years with young people from different ethnic and economic backgrounds. The organization provides opportunities for youth to understand and share their own surroundings and explore the surroundings of others. NFF helps them develop a strong sense of identity by exposing them to international affairs through travel, international conferences, festivals, concerts, forums, meetings, internships, as well as training them to write, deliver and submit speeches on the record, along with other engagements that impact global affairs. This helps the framework and allows them to input their voices on world matters and decisions that directly effect them. With several chapters worldwide, NFF Headquarters (located in the USA) traveled to Geneva, Switzerland in December 2022 for the Historical

1st African Descent Forum.


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African Decent Conference Geneva Switzerland
African Decent Conference Geneva Switzerland - Queen Mother Dr. Blakely
African Decent Geneva Switzerland
United Nations Human Rights Geneva Switzerland
African Decent Geneva Switzerland
African Descent Geneva Switzererland
African Decent Geneva Switzerland
African Descent Geneva Switzerland
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